My way to enjoy opera Have you been to the majestic Opera Garnier in Paris? If …


My way to enjoy opera 😂 Have you been to the majestic Opera Garnier in Paris? If you haven’t, my recommendation would be to visit it during special visiting hours when you get to explore its fantastic halls at a fraction of the price you pay for the proper ticket. I once spent a fortune to take my entire family for a modern ballet performance and all of us were terribly disappointed: no decorations, poor costumes, awkward movements… As some point the entire performance felt like a joke and a total rip-off! I’m under impression that the management uses the fantastic venue to lure tourists and doesn’t want to invest in world class performers/musicians. *Really* amazing operas are taking place in Opera Bastille. The venue isn’t fancy, but you get to see/hear really impressive stuff there! One way or another, I suggest you to google reviews before buying your tickets – most of the time the reviews give you a great insight into what you can expect and you can make your division based on them. ❤️ I’m wearing a flowing skirt from my own line @lilithmoonstyle and @glamtimehair extensions ✨
🇫🇷 Est-ce que vous êtes déjà allées à Opéra Garnier? Moi, j’adore ce bâtiment et les décorations à l’intérieur mais jetais tellement déçu par le ballet moderne qu’on à vue là-bas… Maintenant pour les spectacles de qualité, je vais que à Opéra Bastille.
📸: @carine_ta_legao edit by me 🎨

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